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Hard Miles 2
2009 Iron Butt Rally Documentary DVD
"The World's Toughest Motorcycle Competition"

Hard Miles 2 is now available!

12 months in the making, Hard Miles 2 is the definitive documentary of the legendary long-distance motorcycle competition, the 2009 Iron Butt Rally. With Hard Miles 2 you'll have a front row seat watching the excitement and drama unfold as motorcycle riders battle the miles, the elements and their own physical limitations in the quest to be counted among the top long-distance riders in the world. Hard Miles 2 will appeal to LD Riders, casual motorcycle enthusiasts and anyone moved by the drama of real life human endeavor.

Hard Miles 2 DVD launched July 31, 2010 with a special VIP screening and event webcast. Watch the archived webcast to see preview clips from the DVD and Top 10 finishers from the 2009 Iron Butt Rally walking the red carpet. (Note: as of August 1, 2010 the promotional price of $24.95 is no longer available.)

What are Hard Miles 2 and the Iron Butt Rally?

The Iron Butt Rally is known throughout the long-distance riding community as “The World’s Toughest Motorcycle Competition”. The typical Iron Butt Rally competitor will ride a motorcycle 11,000 miles in a mere 11 days. Those of you who own “Hard Miles 1 (2007)” saw how the Iron Butt Rally generates compelling stories from every one of the 100 riders who dare to undertake this massive challenge. For Hard Miles 2, we took the original documentary blueprint and expanded every facet of the film-making to ensure this second edition of Hard Miles is even better than the first.

For Hard Miles 2 we sent out more cameras to more destinations. We covered more bonus locations in more depth. We shot footage before, during and after the rally in an effort to capture developing stories as they unfolded. New for Hard Miles 2 we set up video “confessional” stations for rally participants to privately share their mid-rally thoughts, raw and uninhibited. All these improvements add up to even more comprehensive coverage of the 2009 Iron Butt Rally, its challenges, its competitors, its triumphs, heartbreaks and absurdities.

There is a saying among Iron Butt veterans - “Fewer people have completed an Iron Butt Rally than have flown in space.” For those veteran Iron Butts, Hard Miles 2 will surely spark memories of their own remarkable 11,000 mile ride. For any long-distance rider aspiring to undertake a future Iron Butt Rally, Hard Miles 2 offers a wealth of preparatory information in the depiction of rider strategies, tactics, tools, successes and gaffs. Learn how the winners won, how the finishers overcame adversities, and how the DNFs lost their way. For the more casual viewers, Hard Miles 2 is full of personal stories sure to elicit laughter, reflection and sympathy.

“Hard Miles 1 (2007)” was acclaimed by the motorcycle community for being engaging, entertaining and informative, as well as its high-level, professional production values. It was reviewed with overwhelming approval in the pages of numerous motorcycle publications and motorcycle enthusiast websites. With Hard Miles 2, our goal is to improve upon its predecessor in every respect and ultimately provide the best depiction of the Iron Butt Rally ever seen.